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My hair, black and white picture, which has receded in similar pattern to the colour picture attached. It’s styled so the front is swept to the side and I think highlights my receded hair line, Norwood 2/3, or at least doesn’t make it look good.

I want to keep my hairstyle natural looking while making the hairline look as good as possible. for example I don’t want to push my hair forward just to cover the hairline. Has anyone been in a similar position have any styling tips or ways they get their haircut at the hairdresser’s to make their hair look good without changing the style too much?

That is a good positioning of a mature hairline design, something I have been creating for over 30 years with hair transplants. This is a realistic hairline.  The number of grafts to create this hairline would be 1200 if your hair was coarse, 1500 if your hair was medium, and 1800 if your hair was fine.


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