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3 years ago, we exchanged a friendly conversation on my troubles with Post-Finasteride Syndrome. I followed your advice back then and went to several specialists, who couldn’t help. Since then, I am still suffering tremendously (numb deformed genitals, zero arousal, severe ED, other physical symptoms such as a thinning beard…) after exposure to 5ARi treatment.

I’m honestly baffled that knowledge about this condition readily exists and NOTHING is happening to help those people who are suffering from it. My life ended when I developed PFS and I have been left to rot by the medical community.

Would you be willing to raise awareness about this rare iatrogenic condition in the medical/dermatological community or publish a case report as to bring PFS in the medical literature? I don’t think this would damage reputation anymore since some credible studies have been published since, and, sorry for being so candid, I personally believe it’s your responsibility to help those who’ve been harmed by a drug you are promoting online.

I don’t mean any offense or disrespect. But I’m only trying to give a voice to thousands of young man who have been severely harmed by this drug and have lost all hope. Last year, we lost a young man to suicide, because he couldn’t bear the bodily destruction anymore that PFS has wrought.

Please, consider helping us bringing awareness to this rare iatrogenic disease. We have a moral obligation to not turn a blind eye to those in need.

Thank you

This syndrome, also identified with long term finasteride users, is devastating for those impacted.. Can you imagine giving up your sex life for the rest of your life?  There is presently not much understanding about these syndromes and certainly over the past decade, not much has been offered in effective treatments for these men.  The purpose of posting this man’s plight is to let you know that if you are on finasteride or dutasteride and have significant sexual side effects and/or impotence in the short term, speak with your doctor about stopping this drug.  From my experience, I am not aware that taking this medication for a short time and stopping the medication because of these side effects will produce this syndrome. 

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