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I have often been asked about the safety for a female if the husband takes finasteride and they want to get pregnant.  The question is clear enough, “IS IT SAFE FOR THE MAN TO TAKE FINASTERIDE WHILE THE WIFE WANTS TO CONCEIVE?  The answers are clear as mud.  The official Merck literature for Propecia ( does not place any risk for the pregnancy or the baby.  Generic finasteride information in the UK suggests otherwise:

I will therefore, not answer the question for medical legal reasons and refer the person asking to the existing literature because all I know is what I read. What worries most doctors I have spoken to, is that there is a normal incidence of baby malformations out of every 100,000 births and if the man is on finasteride and they get a malformation while on finasteride, the man may become litigious against the doctor who prescribed finasteride setting up an association that may or may not be real.  That applies to almost any drug taken by a man or a women who gets pregnant and has the misfortune to have a baby with some congenital malformation.  

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