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Some good laced systems or  poly thin skin system create a good frontal hairline that looks completely natural. These system are generally very expensive but still must be changed every couple of weeks as the patient’s own hair grows out. From a close up view, you almost always can detect the laced element of a hair system. I can’t see close enough to determine if this is a very good laced system as this man claims it  is. If this is a laced  hair system, then this is what I believe that Donald Trump uses.   

The photo on the right, is a more typical hair system.  Most men never show the hairline of a hair system because of the obvious lack of a good transition zone between the bare forehead and the hair.  With the hair combed over the hairline, this hair system on the right can look good.  All hair systems need to be adjusted for hair growth every few weeks which makes the user dependent upon the hair system folks who sold it to them.  

Both of these hair systems are glued to the scalp.  

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