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I did research and saw it’s important to take fin for a year prior to FUE, but did my research a little too late, and discovered this sub after I had my FUE a week ago….  It’s too late to turn back time, and I started taking fin now post-op, but I have anxiety that my FUE will be a waste and unsuccessful. Will my transplanted hairs survive if I never took any fin/min prior to FUE, but will continue to do treatment after my FUE?

FUE harvests the hair from the back and sides of the head which are never DHT sensitive, so finasteride has no impact on these hairs. If the FUE was done by a good surgeon with a good team, they will grow and last your lifetime; however, your native hair around the hair transplant may still be impacted by your balding process made worse by the FUE surgery. This is particularly relevant if you are in your early 20s, so I don’t do surgery on men under 26. The older you get, the more secure your native hair will be.  Finasteride started prior to your FUE will protect the native hair in most men.

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