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This young man at 27 years old has a strong forelock and a thinning corner that appears to be miniaturizing away.  The genetics on #1 is classic for a maturing hairline and the genetic on #2 is different than the rest of the hair on his head.  Men with strong forelocks, even when they are bald, may retain the forelock if it continues to be present by the age of 35.  I have seen Norwood lass 6 and 7 patients who retain their forelock despite the extensive balding present.  In evaluating a man with a forelock, one has to look at his overall balding pattern, omitting his forelock in classifying him on the Norwood scale. In this man’s unique presentation, he is not really balding anywhere else on his head, so what we are observing  on the corner hairline may be a normal maturing process.  Over the next few years, we will know for sure. I wouldn’t treat the changes in the corner miniaturization as it may not respond to DHT blockers. 

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