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A female hairline is rounded (concave) and incorporates the temple peaks within it.  This is the ideal female hairline design as seen with some of the most beautiful women in the world.  This women, clearly younger (around 30 years of age) had flattened her hairline and in the process, the hairline raised to create a huge forehead, which she felt uncomfortable with. This concave hairline is present early in childhood in all men and women, but women tend to keep it as they get older.  Some women may develop a flattened hairline (like the one shown) and some might even develop a mature type of male hairline, common in women in their forties and older. 

Men have choices on hairline design as shown in the photos below.  Hight from the highest crease in the furrowed brow is my determining factor when helping men design the hairline I intend to build.  Designing a male hairline is a back and forth activity between the patient and the surgeon.  Make sure that your hairline design is normally placed and conforms to a typical male hairline, not a female one. This concept is hard for too many young men who remember what their hairline looked like when they graduated from high school.  

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