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I have been getting thinner and thinner.  I am a woman age, 34.  Any suggestions?

Women with progressive thinning require a trichoscopic examination where the doctor magnifies the hairs on the scalp and looks for miniaturization.  Some women just develop premature Age Related Thinning where there will be no miniaturized hairs on the scalp.  In ART, the best treatment is to use thickeners iin your shampoo and conditioner which will increase the thickness of the hair shafts as it is forced to absorb water.  An alternative is to use either topical concealers (like Tokkik) ot Scalp Micropigmentation (a tattoo of the scalp make to look like cut hairs).  If your hairs are miniaturized in some areas, you need a hair specialist to assess that for you.  

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