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Pharmacology and therapeutics
Female pattern hair loss: a pilot study investigating
combination therapy with low-dose oral minoxidil and
Rodney D. Sinclair1,2, MBBS, MD, FACD

Background Minoxidil and spironolactone are oral antihypertensives known to stimulate hair growth. Objective To report on a case series of women with pattern hair loss (PHL) treated with once daily minoxidil 0.25 mg and spironolactone 25 mg. Methods Women newly diagnosed with a Sinclair stage 2–5 PHL were scored for hair shedding and hair density before and after 12 months of treatment with oral minoxidil 0.25 mg and spironolactone 25 mg. Results A total of 100 women were included in this observational pilot study. Mean age was 48.44 years (range 18–80). Mean hair loss severity at baseline was Sinclair 2.79 (range 2– 5). Mean hair shedding score at baseline was 4.82. Mean duration of diagnosis was 6.5 years (range 0.5–30). Mean reduction in hair loss severity score was 0.85 at 6 months and 1.3 at 12 months. Mean reduction in hair shedding score was 2.3 at 6 months and 2.6 at 12 months. Mean change in blood pressure was 4.52 mmHg systolic and 6.48 mmHg diastolic. Side effects were seen in eight women but were generally mild. No patients developed hyperkalemia or any other blood test abnormality. Six of these women continued treatment, and two women who developed urticaria discontinued treatment. Limitations Prospective, uncontrolled, open-label observational study. Discussion Once daily capsules containing minoxidil 0.25 mg and spironolactone 25 mg appear to be safe and effective in the treatment of FPHL. Placebo-controlled

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