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On topical min for 1.5 years + topical fin for 6 months with great results. Started oral min and seeing a ton of shedding. Is this normal?  Topical min was great when I started it 1.5 years ago but all it did was slow the hair loss down. So 6 months ago I started topical fin with great results, and saw almost all loss stop within a few weeks.  I still have a few thin patches so almost a month ago I decided to add oral min (1.25mg) to the mix after reading about how effective it can be. Almost immediately after starting oral min I began shedding again pretty heavily, and its continued on now about 1 month after starting.

Shedding indicates that minoxidil is working. The shedding will pass in a month or two. Then hopefully, you will see some new growth to solve your problem. 

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