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My hair loss is due to my kidney transplant that I received over two years ago. The medication causes hair loss. Before my kidney issues/transplant I had a lot of hair. I have been on Minoxidil for 3 weeks, I am currently going through the “shedding face” super scary. However I’ve heard that Minoxidil is used for andorgenteic allopecia not for chemical induced allopecia. And that it won’t work on me and will make me hair loss worst. Is this true ?  

From what I have read, Minoxidil does not adversely affect renal function in the majority of patients with hypertension and a normal glomerular filtration rate (GFR). In patients with established chronic kidney disease, minoxidil can stabilize GFR — if not improve renal function — when BP is properly controlled.  Always check with your doctor.

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