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Do you know a good dosage for liposomal? I have a 0.1% fin 5% min liposomal gel that I custom ordered, applying 1ml every day. But I’ve seen some places sell the liposomal gel at fricken 2.5% fin. I had an online pharmacist explain that the liposomal mechanism means this higher dosage is effective and safe, but as someone who got sides from just 0.25 mg of oral fin EOD, it seems like an absurd risk. Any insight? At the end of the day I just don’t want to be dicking around with the 0.1% liposomal gel if it’s ineffective and I’m still losing ground.

From my research, 82% of the topical liposomal finasteride stays in the skin. You can calculate that if 18% goes systemic, what the equivalent dose would be for the liposomal preparation. That is the reason I titrate upwards when I prescribe it assuming that 18% of the dose might go systemic, so that would be 18% of the 0.01%. My experience so far is that one out of hundreds of my patients developed sexual side effects. I have written a series of post on addressing topical liposomal finasteride which you might want to read.

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