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I want to know why there are so many scabs covering my grafts.  I can’t see the density that the surgeon put in.  What advice can you give me?

These are questions you should be asking your surgeon. Scabbing occurs because of bleeding around the grafts and/or leakage of a serous fluid around the grafts that contain fibrin which form these ‘clots’ or scabs.  Once they get set up (about 2 days) then they shouldn’t be removed aggressively because that will pull out the grafts.  I have a vigorous washing technique to prevent this from happening. 

Sorry that you didn’t get this information in advance of your hair transplant.  because of the scabbing photos you sent me, I can’t read the density.  Your surgeon will tell you how many grafts he put in and you can measure the recipient area and calculate the recipient transplanted density.

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