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There is no doubt that this man, now in his mid-50s, looks younger than his balding before state. I did his surgery 20 years ago and it is always a pleasure seeing my older patient.  He maintains his hair situation from progressing by taking finasteride which he has been taking since 2002. He has no side effects. I want those of you who are looking at his hairline and see if you can see that this man had a hair transplant.  I can’t tell even today.  His hair transplant shows the value of a 1/4 inch transition zone made up with around 350 single hair grafts in front of the 2 and 3 hair grafts that bring on hair bulk. This shows that the hairline is not a ‘line’ and it should never be.  The transplant does not need the finasteride to hang in for his lifetime because these hairs came from the back of the head where the hair is lifetime hair. 

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