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Is my donor area too thin to use for a hair transplant?  I have sent the same pictures to a doctor who said we could do 5000 grafts, with permission to use around 800 grafts give or take from my beard, but I am concerned they just want my business.

I don’t know your age, but you clearly are developing a Norwood Class 7 pattern of hair loss. That means that you MUST develop a Personalized Master Plan to get hair back and always look normal. A good hair doctor will measure your donor supply and your hair mass index and when you believe that a hair transplant is the right approach, the plan must take these two factors into consideration to make sure that you always have hair and always look normal. I believe that if your hair is fine, that 5000 FUE grafts taken from your donor area will be a disaster. Take a look at this man who followed his class 7 pattern from the age of 30 and has always kept hair:

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