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There’s so much talk about finasteride, side effects, and the dreaded “pfs”. I feel that often people with negative experiences talk a lot more than people who have positive experiences. If you enjoy a product, you’re less likely to write a review, as opposed to someone with a bad experience. Just my theory on how feedback can be skewed towards the negative side. I’m 33 years old and have been on 1mg finasteride daily for 1 year. In this time I have experienced no side effects, and my hair loss has stabilized. I haven’t seen tremendous results, but results are there.

I recently got my testosterone levels checked and it came back as 830 ng/dL. Healthy levels for my age are 300-1,000. So I’m in a good spot, and may actually be considered on the high side of average. That’s all I have to say. Speak to your doctor if your considering it, do your own research, and I hope your hair grows back.

This story is more common than you might believe reading the various blogs, forums and posts that are ANTI finasteride.  In my practice, this is what I see most commonly.

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