6 months finasteride, microneeding and Vit D – WRassman,M.D. BaldingBlog

Fantastic responder. I was suffering from insomnia as well and I couldn’t get tired for the life of me so I started taking Vit D and noticed my quality of sleep improved dramatically. I could only sleep in 2-3 hour chunks before suffering trying to fall back asleep again. With Vit D I am dead asleep for 7-9 hour chunks of time. I also noticed my hair grow a “teeny” bit thicker in the two months before trying anything else, and that lead me on the road to growing my hair back and finding other options. That’s when I added finasteride and microneedling to my routine. The small gain I got from the Vit D, became a massive gain with finasteride and microneedling. 

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