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Hello D Wrassman, I’ve tried to contact you on your Website, but it did not work. I have a question regarding topical finasteride a possible contamination. My girlfriend works in a nursery school (Kindergarden). Obviously she has a lot of direct contact to children (including changing diapers etc.) I know that Finasteride can be problematic for children, therefore I want to make safety precautions. My plan would be: -dont use Topical Finasteride whenever I sleep in the same bed as my girlfriend. -Change bedsheets often – Wash my hair often to remove any remaining Finasteride My question is: Is it safe to use topical finasteride that way? I don’t have any direct contact with the children myself. Is something like “second-hand”-Contamination even possible? Thank you very much.

I think that if you apply it in the morning, you can wash it off in the shower before going to bed. This way you don’t have to worry about pillow cases and sheets. Caution is always good.

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