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Why did my brothers hair start thinning two years before mine. Also I think he got telogen effluvium and then two years after I got telogen effluvium which accelerated our hair loss. I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium but I didn’t get a scalp biopsy(it was a pull test). I want to know if I have retrograde alopecia or chronic telogen effluvium. If it was retrograde alopecia wouldn’t we thin at the same time? And telogen effluvium can thin the same areas as retrograde

I have dealt with identical twins and hair loss for years. Usually they are in sync. I had one set of twins where one wore a hair system and pulled out a good deal of his hair (permanently) ending up with a hair transplant. Stress could accelerate hair loss on one of the twins. Also look to other causes such as vitamin deficiencies (Vitamin D or even Iron). I would check your thyroid function. In other words, see a good doctor and get evaluated properly.

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