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1. Priming the brain for tinnitus management

The first of our keynote speakers joining us in Birmingham at the Expo is Dr. Raj Shekhawat from the Tinnitus Research Initiative in New Zealand, sharing his experience and expertise on priming the brain for tinnitus management. 

Dr. Raj Shekhawat is a clinical Audiologist with more than a decade of teaching, clinical, research and service experience in three different continents, four different countries (USA, Singapore, India and New Zealand) with diverse cultural populations across various settings such as hospitals, clinics, schools, and universities.

His research passion lies in exploring novel ways to manage tinnitus. Sharing his clinical experience and international collaborations, Raj will explore how the brain can be primed for tinnitus management using non-invasive brain stimulation and sound therapies.


2. Neuromod Devices – Prof Berthold Langguth

Acclaimed researcher Professor Berthold Langguth, Head of the Multidisciplinary Tinnitus Clinic at the University of Regensburg, Germany, is the second of our key note guests, who will be presenting his findings from research into an emerging approach for treating tinnitus – the Neuromod Devices non-invasive product electrically stimulates the tongue together with customised sound stimulation. Whilst not yet on the market there are positive findings and future plans will be presented.

3. American Tinnitus Association – Torryn Brazell 

We’re delighted to be joined at the Expo by the Executive Director of the American Tinnitus Association, Torryn Brazell. Flying in from Washington D.C., Torryn will be speaking about the work of the ATA and our International links.

4. Your questions answered

Our final keynote session will be in the form of a question and answer session – you will have the opportunity to submit your questions throughout the day before a panel of experts from the tinnitus field will take a selection of questions and topics in this open forum discussion. If there is anything you’ve ever wanted to know, this is your chance to put it to the world leaders in tinnitus.


Special Announcement:

New research into Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy has recently found significant improvements in tinnitus management. The researchers who carried out the study, Elizabeth Marks and Laurence McKenna will be joining us at the Expo to talk about their work. You can read the article on MBCT that was published in the Observer and Guardian here.

“Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is exciting as [it] offers something new and effective. We already know relation is effective, MBCT doesn’t undermine this but rather enhances, it may offer hope to those who want a more comprehensive approach or have tried relaxation but are still troubled by tinnitus, MBCT can be a powerful intervention for tinnitus.”

Elizabeth Marks, University of Bath.

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