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Closing date is fast approaching – applications need to be submitted by 31 December 2018

UPDATE: The fund will now be accepting applications up to £5,000

Daniel Ballinger Memorial Fund

Student Grant

Call for Applications


One award of up to £5,000 (GBP) will be made to the successful applicant.

Closing Date

31st December 2018

How to Apply

Complete the application form on this page and submit to [email protected]

Who Can Apply?

Students meeting the criteria below, worldwide.

How will applications be assessed?

The applicant name, and institution, along with the highlighted sections on the application form, will be shared and discussed online via Tinnitus Talk. A public vote will then take place to choose the successful candidate.

The result will be final.

Members of the online forum, Tinnitus Talk, and the wider tinnitus community, seek to promote inquiry and investigation that will lead towards a cure for tinnitus. They are working in conjunction with the British Tinnitus Association to identify a recipient for a student grant. Once awarded, the grant will be administered by the British Tinnitus Association.

Grant to be Awarded

Members of Tinnitus Talk and the greater tinnitus community have donated a total of £5,000 (GBP) in memory of Daniel Ballinger. Danny was a much loved and respected member of the tinnitus community. He was a very caring individual with a keen interest in pharmacological treatments and cures for tinnitus. As a fellow member of Tinnitus Talk once said, “Danny was a hell of an amateur researcher and usually for others”.

The vision of the British Tinnitus Association is “A world where no one suffers from tinnitus”. The tinnitus community believes the best way to achieve this vision is with the discovery of effective treatments and ultimately, a cure. By supporting this goal in remembrance of Danny, the tinnitus community hope to raise researcher awareness with the aim of achieving a cure as the priority.

The grant will provide up to £5,000 (GBP). The grant is intended to be used to add value to the student’s research and must include preparation and submission of one or more manuscripts for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Ideally, the manuscript(s) will be submitted for publication within one year from receiving the grant. The research and publication must be biomedical in nature and aligned with the goal of curing tinnitus. Examples include, but are not limited to: pathophysiology or mechanisms that produce subjective tinnitus; genetic research that may lead to the identification of a therapeutic target; identification or support for molecular or receptor targets; full or partial validation of objective measures for tinnitus, and identification of biomarkers for tinnitus in humans. Applicants are referred to the British Tinnitus Association’s Mindmap to a Tinnitus Cure (attached below) for further guidance.

In the spirit of raising awareness, applicants will also be asked to propose other avenues for disseminating the results of their research. This could be done via the general public, the tinnitus community, or by medical professionals who may encounter tinnitus patients in their practice. The student will be required to implement and briefly report on one avenue of their choice.

Criteria for Evaluation of Applications

  • Applications concerning management strategies for tinnitus which are not expected to cure the condition will be eliminated from further consideration.
  • Extracts from the application form (as specified on the form) will be shared with those who have donated to the Daniel Ballinger Memorial Fund, which is a public, online format.
  • Application acceptance and the recipient of the grant will be decided via a public vote by the donors to the Daniel Ballinger Memorial Fund.
  • In the event of a tied vote, the top tied papers will be put forward to a further vote(s) until there is a clear winning project.
  •  In the event of a continued tied vote, then the winner will be selected at random.

Application Process

Eligible applicants

The applicant must be a current student studying within a program leading to a Master of Science, Research or Doctoral Degree.

Adjudication Process

Applications must be received by the posted deadline (midnight UK time). The lay summary and total budget for each application will be posted publicly and reviewed against the first criteria listed above. Each donor to the Daniel Ballinger Memorial Fund will evaluate each application and vote yes or no as to whether or not the application meets the criteria. Those eliminated from further consideration by a majority vote of “no” will be removed from the posting and the applicant will be notified. Remaining applications will then be considered. Each donor will have one vote. The applicant receiving the majority of votes will be selected for the grant.


The recipient of the grant agrees to:

• Sign the Award Letter and return it to the British Tinnitus Association. The Award Letter will stipulate any milestones and will include the payment schedule. A process to follow will be outlined should a significant change to the project occur.

• A contract will be formed between the grant recipient and the British Tinnitus Association.


Download this information:

Application form:

Tinnitus cure map:

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