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In our last Share Your Sound blog, our campaigns manager, Emily Broomhead, takes a look back at the highlights of a successful tinnitus awareness campaign.

Share Your Sound has been a really brilliant tinnitus awareness campaign, and we’re so grateful for all the support you’ve given us in making it such a success.

We’ve sent out hundreds of Share Your Sound packs to people across the UK and we will continue to make these resources available for people to access.

It’s been great to see the wider media take an interest in the topic and we hope people have enjoyed reading and hearing the coverage. Thanks go to everyone who supported us either by covering the campaign or by speaking about their own experiences of tinnitus.

We were amazed at the speed our SYS packs were taken at the Information Day we held in Southampton and at the Royal college if GPs Conference in Liverpool. We feel they will really help GPs and tinnitus patients so if you haven’t requested one, please do get in touch and we can send one out in the post, or you can download the Tinnitus Guidance for GPs from our website at www.tinnitus.org.uk/guidance-for-gps.

Thank you too to all the Tinnitus support groups who have got involved and taken packs for GPs in their areas.

The interaction on social media has been wonderful, with support from Jamie Laing, Stephen Holt, Mike Joyce, Prof Chris Dowrick, Linda Mitchell, Danny James, Dr Sarah Jarvis and Emma Chambers. Seeing everyone sharing the SYS icons and talking about how tinnitus sounds to them, has been very inspiring and we hope you found it of help to read about others experiences of tinnitus.

Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us. As always, we are here to help you manage the condition. If you need someone to talk to, our helpline number is 0800 018 0527 and is currently available 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Or you can email us at [email protected]

You can also find lots of helpful information on our site, or visit our new online learning resource Take on Tinnitus www.takeontinnitus.co.uk.

Although the campaign is coming to a close we still encourage you to share your sound and to keep talking tinnitus.

Now to the next awareness raiser and Tinnitus Week 2018  (the new name for Tinnitus Awareness Week), which will take place from 5-11 February 2018. To find out more and get involved please contact me at [email protected].

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