Niki’s top tips for helping a child with tinnitus

Only a year ago Niki Heath’s 10-year old son George was diagnosed with tinnitus. The noises he could hear were causing him real problems both at school and home but now, with the right expert support, George is a much happier and less anxious little boy. Here Niki gives her top tips for how they have helped George manage his condition.


We bought George an MP3 player for Christmas and it really helps him. Music and audio books help to take his mind away from all of the sounds so it is an ideal distraction technique and has made a real difference.



George does kickboxing and he finds this a great way to release any energy and anxiety but also distract him from his sounds. It’s also just a very good sport to be involved in because it keeps him fit and healthy in general!



Calming breathing works really well and is another way for George to take time out and clear his mind so he doesn’t become overwhelmed by the noises he hears. It is a very relaxing and helpful thing for him to do.


Tinnitus Week runs from 5-11 February 2018 aiming to get the nation talking about tinnitus and highlight the stories of those living with it. This year’s focus is children and young people. For more information please visit the British Tinnitus Association’s website www.tinnitus.org.uk. You can also follow the hashtag #TinnitusWeek on social media. To download the new BTA resources designed for parents and teachers to understand more about tinnitus and to support children with the condition visit: www.tinnitus.org.uk/Pages/Category/tinnitus-in-children

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