JPLUS Goes Futurist With “JASI”


From the strength and identity of the JPLUS collection, capable of always maintaining the tension between design and chromatic minimalism, comes the new ‘Jasi’ model.

Genderfluid like the style of most “enlightened millennials”, cultured and non-conformist, who wink at design and fashion in its noblest version, “Jasi” by JPLUS brings the future into the present with its angular and oversize shapes.

JPLUS Jasi 12
JPLUS Jasi 12

At times spatial, at times vintage, certainly gritty and non-conformist, the ‘Jasi’ model winks at the contemporary world, reinterpreting the beat generation by readapting it to the present and the future, with the same courage and determination.

JPLUS Jasi 14
JPLUS Jasi 14

See this and the entire JPLUS line on their new website

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