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Urban Living May Present a Risk for LPP

A recent study from Korea highlighted a 6 fold rise in the incidence of lichen planopilaris (both classic LPP and the FFA variant) over the last 17 years.

What was particularly interesting in the study was the identification of an approximately 36% increase in the incidence of lichen planopilaris in those living in urban (big city) areas compared to those living in more rural areas.

What exactly makes “big city” living a risk factor is not clear although certainly one can hypothesize a variety of factors that could contribute including pollution, stress and noise. The reality is we just don’t understand why this might be or even if it will hold up to be true in repeat studies.

It is reasonable to consider the possibility that some diseases are more common in urban dwellers compared to those living in  rural areas. Studies have suggested that those who live in more urban areas are at increased risk for allergies, poor mental health, obesity, and diabetes among other issues.

Should LPP be added to the list of health issues more common in urban dwellers? More studies are needed.


Ha Lim S et al. Rapidly increasing incidence and prevalence of lichen planopilaris in an Asian population: A Korean nationwide population-based study. J Dermatol. 2022 Jun 

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