Daniel Ballinger Memorial Fund Grant recipient announced

PhD student Elouise Koops from the University of Groningen has been awarded a £5,000 grant from the Daniel Ballinger Memorial Fund in a unique collaboration between the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) and online community Tinnitus Talk.
Koops’s research project is titled ‘Neural Plasticity in Tinnitus and Hearing Loss’ and will examine the changes in the auditory pathways which occur when tinnitus and hearing loss is experienced.
Members of Tinnitus Talk and the greater tinnitus community donated a total of £5,000 in memory of Daniel Ballinger. Danny was a much loved and respected member of the tinnitus community, with a keen interest in pharmacological treatments and cures for tinnitus. Each application was judged by donors to the fund.

Said Ms Koops: “I am very grateful to receive the support from the tinnitus community, in honour of Daniel Ballinger. The willingness of the people with tinnitus to dedicate their time and efforts to help the…

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