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Last updated 2019

Here are the latest details we have for the tinnitus service at the Torbay Hospital in Torquay.

Torbay Hospital

Lowes Bridge

Torquay TQ2 7AA


In which department would a tinnitus patient’s first appointment be?


What is the average waiting time for a patient’s first appointment (in weeks):

4-5 weeks

To access the tinnitus service, does a patient need to have had an ENT appointment first?


If no, how does a patient arrange to be seen at your tinnitus service

We have a direct access tinnitus service where the GP can refer straight to us

After the first appointment, if necessary, where would a tinnitus patient be referred on to:

As part of the tinnitus direct service all audiologists that provide this service are tinnitus audiologists. We would then review them (if needed) as part of the audiology lead tinnitus direct service. At the first appointment we can refer on for MRI or to hearing therapy/ENT if needed

What is the average waiting time for this appointment (in weeks):


Which staff members are involved in your tinnitus service?

  • Senior Audiologist
  • Several of our tinnitus audiologists have had further counselling training to provide a hearing therapy service

What equipment is available for tinnitus patients in your department?

  • Ear level white noise generators – to keep
  • Table top sound therapy devices – on loan
  • Pillow speakers – on loan
  • The hearing aids we fit come with a tinnitus programme that we can set up as a white noise generator

The following are offered to tinnitus patients:

  • Relaxation exercises
  • The hearing therapy team have had training in CBT but do not offer this in a structured format. They can also provide advice on stress management and mindfulness. We have direct links to other hospital services that provide CBT from a psychological therapist for people with co-morbid mood and physical health conditions and a programme that patients can go on, that is designed to help people with long term health conditions which goes through stress management, communication and goal setting.

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