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Dr. Christine Shaver and other dermatologists are picking up diseases of the scalp in young balding men.  These men present with itching, inflammation and hair loss.  Upon biopsies taken by Dr Shaver, she identifies about one young male patient each week with a condition called Lichen Planopilaris or Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia, both autoimmune diseases of the scalp.  In some men who eventually get a hair transplant, the hair transplant is likely to be rejected by the body. It may also reduce the growth or prevent growth in a hair transplant.  If you have itching and inflammation, seek out a dermatologist and have two biopsies, one in the frontal where the inflammation and the itchiness is most prevalent and then a second biopsy from the Donor area in the back of the head.  A biopsy read by an expert, will make the diagnosis and then special treatments are required.  Catching it early is critical for everyone who has these diseases.

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