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Last updated 2019

Here are the latest information we have for the tinnitus service at the Salisbury District Hospital.

Salisbury Hospital


Wiltshire SP2 8BJ


In which department would a tinnitus patient’s first appointment be?



What is the average waiting time for a patient’s first appointment (in weeks):



To access the tinnitus service, does a patient need to have had an ENT appointment first?



After the first appointment, if necessary, where would a tinnitus patient be referred on to:



What is the average waiting time for this appointment (in weeks):



Which staff members are involved in your tinnitus service?

Senior Audiologist


What equipment is available for tinnitus patients in your department?

Ear level white noise generators – on loan

Table top sound therapy devices – demonstration only

Pillow speakers – demonstration only

Sound pillows – demonstration only

CDs – demonstration only


Tinnitus patients are offered the following

Modified Tinnitus Retraining Therapy based on the Jastreboff Neurophysiological model

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