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I was reading up on a few dutasteride studies and was curious what your thoughts were about the recommended dosage of dutasteride given it’s rather extended half life. for example.

Clark noted that the DHT suppression in patients after drug cessation for .5mg dutasteride only had a minor deteriation after 2 weeks with greater DHT in the following weeks, and I’m just wondering what the medical benefits would be from continuing on the recommended .5mg daily when there doesn’t appear to be a specific clinical benefit?

Just curious, not taking this as medical advice. I just have questions and no friends in medicine to ask.

This is a complex issue. Do you really want a 94% or high reduction of your DHT? The article indicates it is possible with dutasteride. The recommended daily dose is .5/day, but I suspect that same benefits might be reasonable at a dose of once a week but since I do not prescribe this medication, I would rather not weigh in on the dosing issue. Most articles I have read indicate that the DHT block is 85% with dutasteride and 70% with finasteride

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