Improved visual acuity and patient satisfaction with IC-8 IOL placed monofocally

Cataract/Anterior Segment

Improved visual acuity and high patient satisfaction are reported after phacoemulsification cataract surgery with an IC-8 IOL placed in one eye.

Study design

This multicentre, non-randomised, retrospective case series studied refractive and patient satisfaction results after placement of the IC-8 small aperture pinhole implantable intraocular lens in one eye to achieve extended depth of focus.


Visual acuity measurements and distance and near were calculated from a sample of 126 patients, Adverse events, spectacle independence, visual symptoms, and patient satisfaction were assessed at final follow-up. Mean final follow-up was at 29 weeks (range 1 to 75 weeks), and more than 50% of patients reported complete spectacle independence.


Limitations of this study included a small sample size, as well as the varying other ocular co-morbidities of study sample participants.

Clinical significance

The impact to our practice is in determining which patients are best suited for implantation of the IC-8 IOL when it is available. At present, our practice intends to utilize this lens in patients with co-existing cornea pathology such as scars, and in post refractive patients such as those who had radial keratotomy surgery. However, given the low level of reported dysphotopsias, we may consider using it in patients with virgin corneas as well.

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