2017 Annual Tinnitus Research Review

We’re delighted to announce the publication of the second edition of the new Annual Tinnitus Research Review, launched at the recent British Society of Audiology conference.

We are very keen to promote research into tinnitus, and funded over £576,000 of projects in 2015/16, equating to 53% of our annual spend.

Highest quality and most relevant papers

In the Tinnitus Research Review, the second of an annual series, we invited experts in tinnitus to review relevant research published in 2016, with the aim of summarising the highest quality and most relevant papers, giving both professional and lay readers an overview of the themes and developments in the field.

Authors include:

  • Professor David Baguley
  • Dr Magdalena Sereda
  • Dr William Sedley
  • Dr Grant D Searchfield
  • Dr Robert H Pierzycki
  • Dr Padraig T Kitterick
  • Dr James Henry
  • Dr Derek J Hoare
  • Don McFerran
  • Dr Susanne Nemholt Rosing

The hope is that this will encourage and inform busy clinicians dealing with people with troublesome tinnitus on a daily basis. We hope this will inspire further research to be undertaken, building upon the new knowledge.

Each contributor has taken a specific theme in research to review, and the intention is to have an in depth consideration of the new knowledge regarding tinnitus, and where that takes us in understanding and developing new and effective treatments.

Themes discussed include:

  • The neuroscience of tinnitus
  • Hearing aids and combination devices
  • Cochlear implants and tinnitus
  • The pharmacology of tinnitus: ototoxicity and treatment
  • Internet based treatments for tinnitus
  • Technological management of tinnitus
  • Hyperacusis and misophonia

Vibrant and innovative field of research

Dr David Baguley, Professor in Hearing Sciences at the University of Nottingham and Deputy Director at NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Centre who co-edited the review commented: “The Annual Tinnitus Research Review is a valuable opportunity to enable busy clinicians to keep up to date with research in tinnitus and related fields, but also for us as a community to reflect each year upon recent progress, and where further efforts and resources are needed.”

The Annual Tinnitus Research Review is downloadable as a PDF from this page and is also available as a printed copy from the BTA office by calling us on 0114 250 9933 or emailing [email protected]

Download your copy here:


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