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There will be the chance to try some of our practical ‘hands-on’ taster sessions at the Expo – with some sessions running all day, some requiring you book a slot and some built into the programme – they are all things which have been recognised to help manage tinnitus and better enable you to cope. 

Many people say that relaxation is one of the main strategies they use to manage their tinnitus but most people don’t relax instinctively, it is a skill that needs to be learned and practised.

A lot of the time we don’t even notice the tension we are carrying, it has become a part of our life. These introductory sessions will give the opportunity to get a flavour of how they can help and start to unpick the effects of modern life. 

Timetabled tasters:

  • New for 2019! Mindfulness based CBT:At last year’s Expo we delivered a talk on this specific type of CBT which has shown promising results for supporting tinnitus management. It is not yet widely accessible but we are giving you the chance to take part in a taster session of this new technique.
  • Tai Chi:

    Tai Chi is a holistic and integrative system for the cultivation of health, well-being, and longevity. It contains a set of movements designed to develop and refine a more natural and relaxed state of moving and being.

     Key elements include: relaxation and sensitivity; balancing the nervous system; improving psychomotor control and postural alignment; harmonisation of movement with breath. 

    Incorporating physical, mental, and mindfulness elements in a single unified practice, it is a complete practice for body, mind and spirit.

    These sessions will be led by Jashan from Boundless Sky, https://www.chen-taichi.london/ 

  • Guided Meditation:Back by popular demand and updated for 2019, this time this session will be delivered by a Hearing Therapist Audiologist with 40 years experience in tinnitus work. Guided meditation creates a state of relaxed concentration for the purpose of stress relief and emotional healing. 

Available by booking:

  • Reflexology:A system involving massage or application of pressure in certain areas of the body (typically the feet or hands) that is used to relieve tension, stress and anxiety. Reflexology is by booking only and will be available in the upper level of the Exhibition hall. 

All sessions are provided as a means of sampling a technique known to aid tinnitus management through reducing stress, tension and aiding relaxation. Though the techniques are evidenced to help reduce the impact of tinnitus there is no claim that any of the above techniques will provide a cure for tinnitus.

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