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On Saturday 15th September the British Tinnitus Association held the U.K.’s first ‘Talking Tinnitus’ Expo – A first of its kind event designed to bring talks, tasters, exhibitors and support all under one roof!

The sold out event saw people flock to Birmingham from across the country with some making the trip from even further afield with bookings coming in from outside the UK.

The Expo offered those with tinnitus the chance to try out therapies and techniques known to help manage the condition, as well as seek help and support from the BTA and hear talks from tinnitus experts. One attendee said that the research and mindfulness sessions “gave me hope & something I could do myself to help with stress”.

Over 300 people attending took part in a programme of 12 speaker sessions hosted throughout the day, from both the psychology and medical worlds, covering topics including; ‘Will there ever be a cure?’, ‘Understanding the habituation process’, ‘Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy’, ‘Introduction to bone conduction technology’, ‘Tinnitus and sleep disturbance’.

Alongside this was a programme of relaxation therapies that visitors could try for themselves, Jerusha Shulberg from Cubex, patient-centred independent hearing healthcare providers, was running the CALM Mindfulness session and said: “Today has been fantastic, we believe that the BTA’s role in creating awareness and perceptions about tinnitus amongst sufferers, professionals and the general public is invaluable. A world where no one suffers from tinnitus- This is the BTA’s vision and one that we fully believe in, support, and want to help drive forwards.”

(Cubex delivered a Mindfulness based Cognitive Wellbeing programme at the Expo)

Finally, a profile of global talent from the world of tinnitus made up our Keynote speakers – attending the Expo from New Zealand, Germany and America and closing the day with a Q+A panel discussion.

Products and services designed to support the estimated 1 in 10 people living with tinnitus in the UK were also on display in the Expo’s Exhibitor Hall, along with the opportunity to hear real-life stories from people who have learnt to manage their condition and live well with their tinnitus.



The feedback from attendees has been incredibly positive. As tinnitus can often feel isolating, one attendee stated that “meeting someone else with the condition makes you realise you’re not alone”.

Another stated that they “took something different away from every talk they attended”, while another attendee stated that “I came from Ireland today for this – and it was worth it, it was so helpful to me and has improved my knowledge of tinnitus”.


The Expo also featured our Tinnitus Gallery – To mark the event some of our ‘celebrity supporters’ had done a drawing of their tinnitus sound, these were on display with a table for visitors to add their own contribution, some of which are shown above.

The overwhelmingly positive response and success of the event means that this first tinnitus expo will not be the last – We hope to see you next year!



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