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Headline Panel Session

  • Our headline session: Join our panel – consisting of a comedian, DJ, musician and TV presenter – in conversation discussing their experiences of living with tinnitus in careers you might initially think they’d avoid.
  • An open floor to ask your questions  
  • Find out more about our panel here www.tinnitus.org.uk/headliners

1-2-1 Tinnitus Adviser Appointments

  • A key feature of the 2019 Tinnitus Expo is that you can book time with British Tinnitus Association Staff and Volunteers in our free advice clinics. These sessions allow visitors to have a free 20 minute appointment in an open yet private space.
  • Our on hand advisers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share but it is important to note in these sessions we are unable to give medical advice or make referrals.
  • Appointments can be booked onsite on the day on the upper level of the Exhibition area.

NEW for 2019: Connecting People

  • Your feedback told us you wanted more opportunities to “just talk to someone like me” and so we are running three facilitated networking sessions during the day where you will have the opportunity to chat with others attending the Expo. 
  • There are plenty of social spaces for people to talk but for those who prefer a bit more structure our facilitated sessions will be based on different topics you’ve told us matter to you:
  1. Self-help strategies: Practical advice when out and about
  2. Working world: Ways of coping in the work environment
  3. Calm in chaos: Tips for reducing stress

NEW for 2019: Living with tinnitus

  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone living with tinnitus and gain an understanding of the impact it can have on day to day life with our tinnitus simulation experience.
  • Take a walk around the Expo with tinnitus sounds in your ears and experience how your focus and ability to concentrate changes or how tinnitus can make conversation difficult as well as an increased sensitivity to sounds around you. 
  • Tinnitus is complex and the experience of it is different for all, so we can’t tell everybody’s story, but we hope through experiencing what living with tinnitus can be like you’ll gain a better understanding.
  • The living with tinnitus experience uses specially designed headsets which can be booked on a first come first served basis from the BTA stand on the upper level of the Exhibitor Hall.

NICE Guidelines Consultation

  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have developed guidelines for the assessment and management of tinnitus. You can read about the process here.
  • There is a consultation period where stakeholders can respond to the guidelines, the British Tinnitus Association is able to feedback on the guidelines and there will be opportunity at the Expo for the tinnitus community to give their comments on the guidelines.
  • There will be a stall at the Expo in the upper level of the exhibitor area where you can submit your feedback (this will not be the only opportunity for people to pass comment to the BTA on this).

Mindfulness Workshop and Yoga – by Cubex

Bringing their patient-centred approach to the Expo they will be delivering two sessions repeated during the day. Led by experts in the fields of Audiology and Modern Mindfulness these sessions are a valuable opportunity to try your hand at techniques known to help improve a persons ability to manage their tinnitus.

Read more about their sessions here.

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