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Lot’s of places are far louder than they used to be: shopping centres, restaurants, gym classes, kids’ parties. Sadly not enough people know what safe sound levels are, and how long you can be exposed to these before damage can be caused.

Through the BTA’s Safe Around Sound campaign, we want to find out more about social noise levels and how these make you feel. Because we know people with tinnitus can feel isolated at times, and that some people will worry about or even stop going on social outings because they are scared the sound levels might affect their tinnitus. 

How are we going to do this?

The first stage is to get some readings of sound levels, and that’s where we need your help. You might be going to the theatre, cinema, the gym, a wedding, the supermarket, a shopping centre, a local café, pub, music event, sporting event or children’s party for example and we’d love if you could take some sound level measurements, just by using an app on your phone.

3 easy steps to geting involved:

Download a decibel (dB) level meter app. We recommend the NIOSH app for iOS or the Sound Meter – Decibel meter & Noise meter app for android phones

Take readings of the sound levels and send them to [email protected] telling us where you were. You can do this by either doing a screenshot or downloading on the app and sending as a PDF

Don’t forget to use earplugs if it’s going to be loud!

Our quick survey!

You can also help us by completing a short survey on social noise in everyday situations. The survey will take just a couple of minutes to complete and can be found at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/safearoundsound. Thank you!

Please get involved

There is no way we can do this without your help, so we hope you will want to get involved. If you aren’t sure and have any questions please get just in touch. We look forward to receiving your emails and readings.

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