BTA Gold Standard for Tinnitus Support Groups

In the lead-up to our 2019 Conference, we piloted a new initiative called the BTA Gold Standard for Tinnitus Support Groups. The Gold Standard is an award to recognise groups that give the best support possible to their local tinnitus community.

The idea came about from the findings and recommendations of the support group review by Aston University. We have taken these recommendations and translated them into six criteria making up the Gold Standard:

  • Follow the BTA Code of Ethics for Tinnitus Support Groups
  • Pass on up to date group details on to the BTA Support Group Team
  • At least one group leader to have accessed our training
  • Attend or organise at least one awareness raising/fundraising event per year
  • Up to date BTA leaflets to be made available at every meeting
  • At least one person, other than the group leader themselves, to take on a role to help the group (one role must be a Meeter and Greeter)

A summary of the Aston University review can be found here.

Tinnitus Support Group leaders receiving the Gold Standard at our 2019 Annual Conference

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