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At Neuromod we specialise in the design and development of multimodal non-invasive neuromodulation technologies for chronic neurological conditions. We are committed to delivering treatments that significantly reduce the suffering of underserved patient populations who live with chronic conditions such as tinnitus.

Part of our commitment to delivering solutions to underserved patient populations, involves increasing the awareness and focus on chronic conditions like tinnitus. We know we cannot do this alone, we believe sponsoring the work of associations like the British Tinnitus Association is vital to achieving this common goal.

Tinnitus is a complex neurological condition that involves hearing, attention and emotion centres in the brain. Neuromod’s approach (Lenire®) combines auditory stimulation (sound) with trigeminal nerve stimulation (touch), which is achieved noninvasively as gentle energy pulses delivered to the surface of the tongue by a proprietary tonguetip® device. By combining these stimuli, greater and more sustained efficacy may be achieved.

To test and confirm the scientific hypothesis underlying this ground-breaking approach, Neuromod has invested in an unprecedentedly robust clinical programme:

2010: Proof of principle in 20 patients

2012: TAVSS single arm trial in 60 patients

2016: Randomised double-blind multi-arm trial in 326 patients with 12 month long-term post-treatment follow up (TENT-A1)

2018: Randomised double-blind multi-arm trial in 191 patients with 12 month long-term post-treatment follow up (TENT-A2)

Lenire® is currently available on a limited basis in Ireland and Germany. We are working to increase our offering to more locations over the coming year. To keep up to date with Lenire’s availability sign up to our mailing list here.

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