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On a good day we make someone smile…

…on a bad day we save someone’s life

Can you help us make our Helpline even better?

Our tinnitus helpline is called thousands of times a year. You may have called it yourself. Some people call to ask about the latest developments in tinnitus management. Some people call because they have nowhere else to turn. Whatever the need, we are here to help. That’s what makes our tinnitus helpline so special.

But we need your help to do even more

550 people call our Helpline each month (on average)

Colette on the Tinnitus Helpline

100 years of experience taking Helpline calls by staff and volunteers

1999 saw the launch of our Freephone Helpline

Shakeela on the Tinnitus Helpline

The UK’s only dedicated tinnitus helpline

You can make a huge difference by donating today

Prefer to donate by post?

Please make your cheque payable to ‘British Tinnitus Association’ and post to:

BTA FREEPOST (no other details required)

What we want to do next

We’ve made significant improvements since our last Helpline Appeal in 2017 but we want to do so much more, including:

• Improve ways to support you – online webchat and email facilities giving you the opportunity to communicate with us in ways that work for you.
• Employ a Tinnitus Support Adviser – providing the first point of contact for people with tinnitus seeking support and advice.
• Invest in new technology – to provide accurate feedback about the types of calls we receive and how we can improve the support and advice we give.

Thank you for supporting our Tinnitus Helpline

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