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About Hear Well Clinic Ltd

Hear Well Clinic is based in North Tyneside and run by Helen Whalen, an NHS trained Senior Clinical Audiologist with over 15 years experience in audiology. Hear Well Clinic offers private audiology services including hearing and tinnitus assessments as well as tailor-made tinnitus management plans, which fit the needs of the individual. Hear Well Clinic also offers ear wax removal and custom-made ear plugs. Patient centred care is important to Hear Well Clinic and Helen often continues her professional development through the completion of further training courses so that she is up to date with current evidence-based best practices.

Why Hear Well Clinic Ltd is supporting the BTA

Hear Well Clinic are keen to support the BTA so that it sends a clear message that it stands together with those experiencing tinnitus and is there every step of the way with them on their tinnitus journey. Whilst everyone’s experience of tinnitus is different, Helen can develop a management plan with you to use in order to move forward on your journey and lessen the impact tinnitus may be having on you and your loved ones. Being a corporate member of the BTA allows Helen to deliver the most up to date information regarding tinnitus & offer advice and support to those who are new to tinnitus or those who have had tinnitus for a number of years.

Services provided

  • Hearing assessments (adults & children aged 3.5 years & over)
  • Tinnitus assessments (adults)
  • Tinnitus management (adults)
  • Ear wax removal via microsuction (persons aged 16 years & over)
  • Glue ear checks (adults & children aged 1 year & over)
  • Custom ear plugs
  • Ear checks for wax

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