FIFA, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, League of Legends – the choice is yours. You have the opportunity to be a GAME CHANGER for the tinnitus community by fundraising from the comfort of your home, playing the games you love! 
Whether you’re new to gaming or a pro, you can be a GAME CHANGER. You now have an excuse for hosting a gaming marathon with your friends. You have a reason for not ending a game before reaching a certain level. Whatever the challenge, you can make it count.
How does it work

Create your own page through our GAME CHANGER campaign
Set your challenge (solo or as a team) and pick a date
Link your page to your Twitch or YouTube account if you will be streaming your challenge.

get started

Fundraising top tips

Give detail on your JustGiving page about your GAME CHANGER challenge (how long will it last, who will be involved, what games will you be playing etc.)
Set your fundraising target – aim high and inspire others to help you smash your goal

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