Going the extra mile, literally!

Earlier this month Rob, Natania, Mark, Dennis and Stephen completed their own My Prudential Ride London virtual cycle. Despite changes to the original event and severe weather warnings, they all went above and beyond to help raise awareness and funds to support people with tinnitus.  

Dennis’ story

Dennis has had noticable tinnitus since around 1978 when he had a burst ear drum from listening, quiet loudly, to War of the Worlds album in one evening. Since then it has progressively worsened and is a real nuisance now, however he has found ways to ease it. He becomes less aware of his tinnitus when cycling along the coast at Seaford or in the forest on a windy day.

“As a person with tinnitus, I have chosen to support this charity as I attend the Brighton Tinnitus Support Group and know how important their work is to people who need support.

I have been cycling locally to relieve the tinnitus since I retired a few years ago. I find getting out on the bike gives you other things to worry about like not falling off, which I have done 2 or 3 times. I saw your Virtual Cycle 2020 and thought I could incorporate it in my weekly rides.”

Please help Dennis reach his £500 fundraising target. 

Support Dennis

Mark’s story

“My personal experience with tinnitus has seen me withdraw from my social life, as I struggle to hear in busy environments. My tinnitus was the symptom of having pneumonia and pleurisy 12 years ago. A working life in construction has lead to hyperacausis, an intolerance of certain everyday sounds that causes significant distress and impairment in social, occupational, recreational, and other day-to-day activities.”

Mark took up cycling three years ago as he wanted to strengthen his core and legs but also found it gave him good head space and helped shift the focus away from his tinnitus.

“I chose the British Tinnitus Association to raise money for because I have benefited from the advice I have received from them. I found the virtual ride quite tough as it rained for the duration of the ride, yet I enjoyed being out on my bike knowing I was helping to raise awareness for tinnitus.”

We’d love to help Mark reach £650 – please give what you can.

Support Mark

Stephen’s story

Stephen put his own spin on the 46 mile challenge as he completed it on his Brompton Bicycle, which was heavy going on the roads around his home. 

“Four years ago I developed tinnitus, which for most people is a transient condition that they just experience temporarily after being in a noisy nightclub or concert. Some days it’s pretty intolerable and uncomfortable, other days it’s in the background and barely noticeable…however, it never goes away, so similar to thousands of other sufferers of tinnitus, I never hear silence.

There is no cure and limited research into tinnitus, which for some people be a hugely debilitating and life changing condition. British Tinnitus Association helped me considerably after I developed the condition, hence wanting to give something back.”

Stephen is proud of exceeding his fundraising goal and is only £19 off £300. Please help him get there.

support Stephen

Rob and Natania’s story

As a person with tinnitus, Rob was enthusiastic to take on the My Prudential RideLondon 100 mile challenge to support the work we do. Natania, his wife, not only supported him in his preparation for the event but decided to get involved and sign up for a shorter distance herself. They had hoped to complete some of their miles on their tandem however the weather wasn’t on their side on the weekend of the event. 

The duo completed their miles over the weekend in-between the rain showers and managed to exceed their team fundraising goal of £200, but would like to raise more. Please support the duo by donating today.   

support Rob and Natania

Could you take part in a virtual cycle? 

You choose your distance, location and time frame; we support you with your fundraising to make it as easy and fun as possible. If you would be interested in challenging yourself to a cycle, indoors or outdoors, please get in touch with our team on 0114 250 9933 or email [email protected]

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