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Tinnitus counselling tools

Because tinnitus can be physically and emotionally taxing for patients, it can be difficult to offer them effective counselling. They may have trouble articulating their experiences and you may find it hard to manage their expectations and set goals for their treatment.

The Ida Institute in collaboration with global tinnitus experts has developed a suite of tools to aid professionals in counselling their patients and help patients manage their tinnitus.

The Ida Institute is a non-profit organisation based in Denmark that aims to bring person-centred care into hearing healthcare.

Tinnitus Thermometer

tinnitus thermometer

Help your patients put words to their tinnitus. The Tinnitus Thermometer is a gauge of how a person experiences tinnitus at the time of the appointment. The Thermometer asks patients to describe how they feel, their expectations from the appointment, and to think of a time in the last week when their tinnitus was less bothersome.

They are then asked to rank the severity of their tinnitus on a scale of one to ten. This gives you a clearer picture of what your patients are experiencing. As the Tinnitus Thermometer can be used at every appointment, it also helps you track your patients’ progress.

Tinnitus Communication Guide

tinnitus communication guide

The way you talk about tinnitus can have a powerful impact on your patients and can help them feel hopeful about their future. 

The Tinnitus Communication Guide is filled with tips to help you communicate effectively and empathetically with your patients. It will also help you explain the difference between the presence of tinnitus and its intrusiveness and the habitation process – that your patients will become less distressed by their tinnitus even if it never goes away completely.

Tinnitus First Aid Kit

tinnitus first aid kit

A collaboration between the BTA and the Ida Institute, the Tinnitus First Aid Kit is a resource for patients who are experiencing tinnitus for the first time. The First Aid Kit serves as a resource that patients can refer to for information about the basics on tinnitus until they are able to consult with a professional.

This website strives to help patients understand what is happening to them and that for most people the situation will improve.

All of the above tools were developed in collaboration with 15 professionals from around the world. The tools are based on output from a seminar hosted by the Ida Institute in Denmark in December 2015.

Updated 28 February 2020

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