Virtual Step Challenge – how it works

1. Select your virtual route

Decide where you’re going to start and where you want to finish. Pick places that mean something to you or that you’ve always wanted to visit – be adventurous! 

Head over to Google Maps and enter your locations to find out the distance in miles. Then use miles to steps converter to find out how many steps you’ll need to make to complete your route. Most fitness trackers recommend a daily 10,000 step goal.

We’ll be in contact with you at during your challenge and of course, we’ll congratulate you at the finish! 

google maps 

2. Select an app for your phone, use a wrist pedometer or activity tracker to count your steps.

Count your steps – keep a track of your steps on a daily basis. Update your blog on our website and share your Step Challenge story.

Apps for appleApps for Android

Work together with your friends, family and work colleagues to reach your destination. You can work as a team to collate your steps and walk so much further!


3. Set your start and finish dates to create your daily walking target.

Set yourself a daily step goal and work out how long it will take to complete the challenge. Here are some example routes and our miles to steps converter.

Routes and converter

4. Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your challenge.

Once you’ve decided on your route and started your challenge…it’s time to ask for sponsors. Simply set yourself a fundraising target and ask friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor your walk. There’s no registration fee for the challenge.

You can set your own target or ask for a £ per mile. So for example:

Sheffield to London is 158 miles (333,696 steps) = £158 target

Munich to Vienna is 249 miles  (525,888 steps) = £249 target

Paris to Toulouse is 409 miles (863,808 steps) = £409 target

Lands’ End to John O’Groats is 811 miles (1,712,832 steps) = £811 target

Here’s our guide for how to fundraise for the Virtual Step Challenge:

how to fundraise

5. Get walking!

Think about what is a realistic target for you. How many steps do you normally take in a day? Try to add a few more steps onto your daily average and reach your destination quicker!

You could add to your usual daily total by going for a walk at lunchtime, a stroll in the evening, and perhaps something more challenging over the weekend.

Read about exercise, wellbeing and tinnitus here:

walking and wellbeing

Now you know how it works, it’s time to sign up!

Get sponsored for every step and walk towards a healthier you and a better future for people living with tinnitus. Sign up today!

sign up!

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