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Name of treatment

Neuromonics ©

Type of treatment

Physical device

Claims for treatment

Reduce tinnitus symptoms by tailored acoustic stimulus targeting the effects of auditory deprivation, and reducing the involvement of the limbic and autonomous nervous system.

How treatment is delivered

In-ear sound generation device with counselling elements that incorporate elements of CBT.

Potential negative consequences

Regarded as safe and pleasant to use[1]

Evidence offered:

Papers available

PubMed database has 13 papers with both Neuromonics and tinnitus as a keyword. One paper is a review[2].

Conclusions drawn

Although clinical trials of this device show positive results, the quality of the studies is low, with weak blinding and risk of bias. A proof for the claims of neurophysiological effects is still lacking.2

Quality of evidence[3]


Does the BTA recommend this treatment?

No, until more high-quality evidence is available

BTA opinion on this treatment:

Independent evidence of the effectiveness of Neuromonics © for tinnitus management is lacking.

Would the BTA support further studies into this treatment?

Yes, provided study is of high quality and fully independent.

Verdict: Safety – is this treatment harmful?


Regarded as safe

Verdict: Efficacy – does this treatment work?


No evidence of effectiveness

[1] Davis PB, Paki B, Hanley PJ. Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment: third clinical trial. Ear Hear. 2007 Apr;28(2):242-59.

[2] Hoare DJ, Adjamian P, Sereda M, Hall DA. Recent technological advances in sound-based approaches to tinnitus treatment: a review of efficacy considered against putative physiological mechanisms. Noise Health. 2013 Mar-Apr;15(63):107-16. doi: 10.4103/1463-1741.110292.

[3] A = Systematic review/meta analysis. B = Randomised control studies. C = Cohort studies. D = Case control studies. E = case studies/reports. +/- to be used to indicate quality within bands

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Updated 29 June 2019

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