Conspiring together: tinnitus and hearing loss

One of the top ten questions identified by the James Lind Alliance Tinnitus Priority Setting Partnership was ‘How can tinnitus be effectively managed in people who are Deaf or who have a profound hearing loss?’ 

The BTA commissioned The Ear Foundation to investigate people’s experiences with different degrees of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Launched in September 2015, the report presents the views of the 1432 participants on the treatment they have received, what helped, what didn’t and their hopes for the future.

The report contains important messages for all those involved in supporting people with tinnitus and hearing loss – the medical and clinical communities, researchers and not least charities and support groups.We look forward to working with all of these in the future to better support this group often marginalised by both their tinnitus and hearing loss, conspiring together.



This project was kindly supported by the James Tudor Foundation.

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