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In our recent survey, around six out of ten of you who replied reported trouble sleeping because of your tinnitus. The trouble is, those of us who have trouble sleeping don’t realise we’re part of a big group because we’re hidden away in our bedrooms. It can be very isolating, thinking we’re the only one awake – particularly if the rest of the household is snoring away!

Of course, there are many people with tinnitus who do sleep well and see sleep as an escape from tinnitus. And those who sleep well don’t seem to have different tinnitus to the insomniacs. So what can be done to join the sleepers?

Top tips for sleeping with tinnitus

Try to unwind for at least an hour before bedtime, and turn off bright lights and electronics

Practice relaxation exercises during the day, and find some short form of relaxation to try at night

Get up and go to another room and do something to relax you if you are struggling to sleep. Go back to bed when you feel sleepy

Limit the amount of caffeine you have, especially later in the day

Write down any worries or nagging tasks that you may have – this helps reduce anxiety

Click here for more information about sleep and tinnitus, or download our leaflet:

tinnitus and sleep disturbance

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Updated 27 October 2020

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