Tinnitus and its impact on professional musicians

The BTA is partnering with the musicians’ charity Help Musicians UK (HMUK) to conduct research into the impact of tinnitus on professional musicians. 

Noise exposure and noise induced hearing loss has been found to be the most common factor associated with tinnitus. Musicians can often be exposed to high levels of sound, meaning many are at risk of hearing loss and tinnitus. However, the relationship between tinnitus and its impact on musicians has not been rigorously researched.

The aim of the planned research project is to find out about the impact of tinnitus on musicians’ professional and everyday experiences. In addition, this will enable identification of the techniques and services musicians access, if any, to help prevent or manage their tinnitus.

We’re delighted to be working with Help Musicians UK to deliver new research into the as yet uncharted territory of tinnitus and its impact on musicians. We will have access to a pool of HMUK-supported musicians and will collect quantitative and qualitative data, allowing for more in-depth insights than have ever been captured before. Considering everything from genre and frequency of performance, to the instrument played and the position it’s played in, the findings will pave the way for the broadest understanding of the effects of tinnitus within the UK music sector yet and open doors for effective, targeted support.

The study is expected to begin in December 2019 with an anticipated publication date of August 2020.

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