Inside the BTA's research team

Our research intern and volunteer, Vicky Knowles, explains what research projects she’s working on and her experience of being part of the BTA research team.
As a research assistant for the BTA I’ve been given the opportunity to help with several different projects. Initially, my internship spanned one month and I was primarily involved in a study focusing on the impact that tinnitus has on the lives of professional musicians. Further into the role I was presented with more tasks to be involved in, gaining a broad understanding of the extensive research that the BTA does.
Currently, I’m enjoying the chance to be involved in projects that span across both key research areas – the search for a cure and methods in managing tinnitus. In addition to the musicians with tinnitus study, I’m involved in work that examines how Covid-19 is affecting individuals with tinnitus.
Within these projects I have the chance to fully immerse myself and apply the skills I learnt i…

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