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About The Hearing Coach

Lisa Caldwell, The Hearing Coach, lost hearing in her right ear in 2005 and gained buzzing tinnitus. After many years of research and experimentation with a variety of tinnitus solutions, Lisa qualified as a mindfulness meditation instructor. Since then her aim has been to support her patients to unlock a rich and fulfilling life, helping them live well with tinnitus.

Lisa is committed to helping people build resilience, self-confidence and an ability to cope more effectively with the challenges of everyday life.

The Hearing Coach has recently launched the ‘Bee Empowered’ program which they state guides patients step by step through an 8-week course with a follow-up individualised implementation plan and a community group for long term support. You can discover if the course might be for you on Lisa’s website.

Why The Hearing Coach is supporting the BTA

“We are Corporate Members of the BTA because we believe in a future where no-one suffers with tinnitus. Research carried out with the support of organisations like the BTA is key to us knowing best how to manage tinnitus, and is the only chance we have of finding a cure.

Summary of services

  • 1 to 1 tinnitus coaching
  • The ‘Bee Empowered’ program
  • 8-week mindfulness meditation course
  • Personalised implementation plans
  • The Hive – a supportive membership community
  • Online 1-1s take place on Zoom, a fully encrypted secure telehealth platform

Corporate member since


Have you used The Hearing Coach? Get in touch and tell us what you thought of their services. Email us at [email protected]

Disclaimer: Accepting an organisation as a Corporate Member of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) does not imply endorsement of the organisation, their products and services by the BTA.

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